This is based on Yoga Therapy and the remediation of physical constraints that may hinder the effective use of your body as a vehicle to move through life with ease.

It incorporates passive and active physical movements together with muscle release work and the use of Nadi points, (Energy trigger points)  to remediate physical ailments and more importantly, align the skeletal structure in order to allow the nervous system to function at its optimum.

The use of Polarisation and energy point tapping to help the process of alignment and balance are used once major problem areas have begun to be resolved.

“Easily achievable 5-10 minute daily programs are given to each client, specifically for their needs.”.

It is ideal for things such as lower back problems caused by disc degeneration and associated problems, knees, shoulders, neck and any musculo/ skeletal aches and pains. Sports people of all types would benefit greatly from these remediating techniques as would the elderly and the active young.

Individual Therapies

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